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Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd is high-tech enterprise, which specializes in LED displays. LEDTechvision is OEM factory in Shenzhen,China, was founded in 2013.

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RI Plus Series

Product description




  ▶ RI Plus Series-Rental and Fixed Applications


    Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

    Module Size: 250*250mm

    Cabinet Size: 500*500*80mm

    Cabinet Weight: 8kg


 Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd.


  ▶ Super Display Performance

    High contrast, high refresh rate and high grayscale
    levels for perfect display performance

    Comply with EMC standard ensure the high reliability
    and stability of the screen







Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd.












   Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd. 

▶ Front and Rear Installation and Servicing

  Front service optional for easier indoor screen wall application.

  Separate and exchangeable power and control module.



  ▶ Auto Color and Brightness Calibration

   The memory chips on each module records color and brightness
   calibration data with working time, the data will be
   automatically synchronized with ant replaced module to keep
   exactly same color and brightness.






    Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd.




Shenzhen LEDTechvision Co., Ltd.



▶ Saving energy

  Power saving concept with low temperature design, 

  Saving heat on PCB to make sure the screen life is longer.




  ▶ Rental and Fixed Applications

    Hanging up installation/ Ground stack installation for events.

    Wall mounted installation for fixed projects











Item RI Plus
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2.5mm
Cabinet size(mm) 500(W)×500(H)×80(D)
Cabinet Resolution(W×H) 200x200
Cabinet Weight(kg) 8
Cabinet Material Die-cast aluminum
Brightnes 200cd-1000cd/sqm
Grey Scale 12-18Bit
Refresh Rate ≥3840Hz


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